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Hey, you found me!

My name is Chloé-May McMahon-Marsden. That's right, my first name and my surname are double-barrelled. It's a hard-knock life.  I'm a Creative Graphic Designer and Illustrator, based in Leicester, England.  I have an undying love for colour - particularly those found in nature - and creating interesting textures using paint and other mediums. My work typically features a mixed media with intention to highlight key elements and inspire purposeful tones in each project or piece. 

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My Work


Project 1 | A Guide to the TOP 10 Stone Circles in the UK

This map design is based on Celtic mystique and old folklore, with each stone circle illustration depicting the stories told over generations. On the back of the map, parents have the opportunity to tell this story to their children as they discover each stone circle. Thus, carrying the legend forward. My main creative goal with this project was to emulate nature and the way it behaves. I challenged myself to complete all illustrative aspects using only one brush preset, with the exception of some illustration details. This particular brush gives the impression of movement, inspired by a satellite image of Earth during a hurricane. The map background is built up entirely of digital swirls mimicking hurricane spirals.  

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Project 2 | Mock Book Cover Design

Dara McAnulty shares his experiences in many layers, dreaming of returning to moments in his life while simultaneously critiquing his surroundings, and deeply appreciating

intricate rural details as he goes. This cover design highlights the authors poetic nature and his ability to share his experiences so vividly, allowing the reader to see and feel each texture and each specific shade. 

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Project 3 | Wedding Stationary

This Harry Potter themed wedding stationery has been designed to suit the specific venue, Pendrell Hall, Wolverhampton. The design is elegant and sophisticated, playful and modern, capturing the magic of the wizarding world. Each piece has details made with soft Autumnal tones, which enhances the venue's rich wooden accents and ties the full wedding collection together.